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TSN RPS fic: Meet me in New York. Part One

Title: Meet me in New York (1/2)
Author: sanann
Genre: RPS, slash
Pairing: Andrew/Jesse
Rating: NC-17 (not this part)
Word count: ~7,300
Beta: awesome twivamp92
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Warnings: Andrew and Jesse being their adorable selves.
Summary: This is a story about Andrew coming to New York to shoot the new Spider-Man movie and Jesse being happy to see his best friend. This is also a story about Jesse realizing he's in love with said best friend.
A/N: written for my dear fernblick. Hope you love it, darling.
And special thank you to TSN fandom. I love you, guys!

Part I

“Jesse, it’s me. You won’t believe where I’ll spend next weeks of shooting bite-my-arse-I’m Spiderman movie. New York! Don’t wear your lenses when you come pick me at airport tomorrow. I missed your glasses terribly!”

Message on his answering machine ends.

The back of Jesse’s throat lets out some weird happy sound that he has no time to process and he’s busy dialing Dr. Stewick.

He doesn’t wait for Dr. Stewick’s “Hello”, before he blurts out frantically, “I was correct and you weren’t. Andrew is coming to New York and he is not acting weird so there’s no need for me to come to my senses and reveal my true feelings which I am trying to figure out unsuccessfully for eight months already. And you lost me 50 bucks in Both of us are subconsciously unhappy bet. Pay up!” Jesse pauses to take a breath, feeling blood rushing to his head, and hears hesitant, “Sorry?”

“Um, it’s me, Jesse. Um, have a nice day and you still owe me!”

Jesse hangs up and plans to call his mother.

Jesse hates lying to his mother. But between family dinner and Andrew, he’ll chose Andrew because it’s wise and appropriate. Andrew is coming over and it’s their first time together since– since forever. Jesse doesn’t want to inform his mother Andrew is coming, not now, because she’ll invite him over and Andrew is British which means he’d feel terrible about declining anything to Jesse’ parents.

Additionally so, Jesse doesn’t want to explain to his mother that Andrew and he need their alone time because everyone looks at them funny when they say that out loud. Which is disturbing and annoying.

And which is why Jesse sends her a message explaining that a new audition came up. Because he hates lying to his mother. It’s perfectly accurate.

Then, Jesse calls the bakery on the corner of his street and orders bagels to pick up for tomorrow morning. Andrew loves bagels. And Jesse loves– Jesse loves everything that makes Andrew happy.

Jesse stands at the airport gate, adjusting his Indiana red baseball cap, tugging it down low and tucking his curls under it.

Not that he’s some Justin Bieber or someone as inadequately popular as he is, but The Social Network attracted some thoroughly dedicated fans who stare suspiciously at Jesse when he assures them he’s not that guy from the Facebook movie. Not like it was in Boston. Not when they were almost anonymous with Andrew glued to his side.

Andrew with his soulful eyes could successfully convince any Zombieland fan that ‘no, he’s not Jesse Eisenberg. He’s my step brother from Russia who doesn’t understand a word and these questions make him feel awkward, so please stop’, with Jesse obediently nodding and saying, “Ya ne ponimayu vas.”

Jesse sighs heavily for a moment – feeling of loss tugging at his heart as usual – but then, he remembers why he’s here in a first place and tugs his cap lower for people not to notice his obviously maniacal happy grin.

Now, Andrew is back to him, and Jesse will have more stories for his own private brainy ‘piggy bank’.

And where is Andrew?

Jesse starts rocking nervously back and forth on his heels and shoves his hands into gray jeans pockets to keep himself from biting his nails.

He cranes his neck backward, worrying if he missed Andrew. He hurriedly starts repeating the London flight arrival times in his head while glancing back.

Andrew spots him first. Because when Jesse looks back, he is faced with Andrew standing in front of him, unmoving, hand clutching onto the blue backpack on his shoulder, while he stares at Jesse, smiling blindingly, as if Jesse is the best and most exciting thing in Andrew’s life. Jesse doubts he is, but he knows the feeling.

Andrew crosses the distance in two steps – Jesse counts because everything involving Andrew matters – and they both pull and tug at each other as if they’re unlike poles of two different magnets, and then, Jesse has Andrew in his arms and he can’t believe he lived without him.

Andrew sniffs at Jesse’s hair, arms wrapped around him, and his tongue darts out to lick Jesse’s cheek, tasting. Then, Andrew shifts to rub their noses together – careful of Jesse’s glasses – and smiles. It’s just something they do. Everyone has its own way to say ‘hi’. This is theirs.

Jesse’s part in this is to laugh quietly with delight and to clutch at Andrew tightly, whispering Andrew in his ear, arms draped around Andrew’s shoulders.

Jesse trying not to attract attention at airport

Jesse is driving and Andrew keeps rambling about London in the passenger’s seat.

He talks about his parents and a cat he forced them to adopt because Jesse taught him what it means to be a homeless cat. Andrew talks about Carey and her wish to force him into singing songs, and about Robert who envies Andrew that the fangirls don’t in shrill his ear when they see him. Then, he jumps into talking about mad fanboys and John Lennon, and after, about Lennon’s bagism concept, and Andrew’s father – Beatles fan, and how both Andrew’s parents wish to meet Jesse (Jesse highly doubts that part, because the only person who is excited to see Jesse is Andrew, Jesse himself doesn’t even share this excitement).

Andrew pauses when the traffic light turns red and they stop.

“But uh, the whole time I was there, it was like– I felt like–,” Andrew starts, slowly picking the words, and sighs, and Jesse worriedly glances at Andrew, wondering what kind of tremendous disaster happened to make Andrew sigh heavily.

Jesse knows Andrew needs time to form his thoughts, so he waits and doesn’t press him.

“Something like– It was like something was off,” Andrew sighs some more.

The street light turns green but the car in front of them doesn’t move, and Jesse honks twice for a good measure while his heart speeds up with the evidence of Andrew being sad.

“What? What is it?” Jesse starts stuttering nervously, intentionally looking straight ahead. What if Dr. Stewick is right and Andrew is unhappy? What if Jesse makes Andrew unhappy?

Andrew’s palm covers Jesse’s knee, “Jess.” His name comes out fond and soft.

Jesse turns to catch Andrew’s reassuring gentle smile as if he knows what Jesse thinks (knowing Andrew, he probably does), and Jesse’s heart does a flip flop.

They look at each other, and start grinning for no reason, and then, the drivers honk at Jesse. Oh right. Green light.

Jesse starts the car hurriedly and Andrew sticks his head out of car window to command the drivers, “Hush now!”

“American drivers are mad men and suicide volunteers,” he comments when his gaze is back on Jesse while Jesse maneuvers the car through traffic.

“The last I’ve heard from you,” Jesse squints his eyes, looking up, as if calculating, “Like two minutes and 40 seconds before this exact moment, you were not fond of London either.”

“London is not the same anymore,” Andrew starts wailing in fake posh British accent, and pokes Jesse in the shoulder, “You ruined Great Britain for me, Jesse Eisenberg. My queen is kicking me out of the Knights of the Round Table because my misery turned the table square.”

Jesse gasps in horror playfully, “This is unacceptable! I’ll write a demanding letter to your queen to have an eye to eye talk! Who do those royalties think they are, not acknowledging new trends! Square is new round this season!”

It helps him achieve the effect Jesse was aiming for. Andrew starts giggling and his body shakes a little, and he looks at him with amusement like Jesse says the funniest things in the world.

Andrew has a hotel room booked for him, but he has a couple days off before he starts shooting and not staying with Jesse is out of question.

Andrew tries to be polite and, you know, British, bringing this up hesitantly, when they step into Jesse’ apartment, “You think, um, maybe– You don’t have much space–”

“Do you secretly hate my cats?” Jesse asks, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“No!” Andrew gasps in horror, eyes getting implausibly larger, and Jesse wonders how much larger they can manage, and why he never thought of exploring this subject before, “Why would you? No! How can you even say that?”

Jesse’s older cat Mr. Jefferson is waddling towards Andrew to greet him and Andrew catches him to hold against his chest, managing to shut cat’s ears with one hand, while attempting to press another hand against his own ears.

Andrew closes his eyes and shakes his head in denial, “Don’t worry. We’ll pretend we didn’t hear that, Mr. Jefferson. If we didn’t hear that, it doesn’t exist at all, trust me.”

Jesse observes Andrew, tilting his head to the side and wondering why Mr. Jefferson is never so obedient in his arms, when he is hit with a sudden urge to kiss Andrew. Huh. When did that come from? Maybe because Andrew’s eyes are closed and that makes him look like Sleeping Beauty. Yeah, that’s the correct answer.

They occupy the sofa and Andrew sits with his legs crossed, biting into his cinnamon bagel, while holding a plate with one hand to keep the crumbs from falling into the cushions. Mr. Jefferson rests in his lap, eyes closed.

Jesse’s other cat, Luna Lovegood, is contemplating which place to choose between leaning on Andrew’s thigh or Jesse’s lap, therefore she moves from one place to another every ten minutes or so, shifting her weight slowly in attempt to be discreet about it.

Technically, Luna Lovegood can be considered Andrew’s cat as he was the one to name her. Jesse can’t actually bring up the prerequisite of the deal they made half a year ago, but the agreed terms specified that Andrew is entitled to name at least one cat Jesse if fostering. Andrew enthusiastically jumped into arranging the contract, including the cause reading as following, “While away, Andrew Garfield is trusting to look after Jesse only to the cats he names himself.”

Andrew’s agent promptly declined his idea of hiring qualified contract lawyer to check over the agreement; therefore they left it as it is, made two copies of the contract, and signed it. Now, they have it framed and hung on the walls of their apartments.

Luna is not really a good carer; way too absorbed on her needs, but Jesse assures Andrew otherwise every time they have a call. Andrew always worries that Jesse is not taking as good care of himself as he did of him, and if Luna’s presence comforts Andrew, Jesse will roll with it.

Jesse sits next to Andrew, knees almost touching, and chews on his own bagel, chocolate one, because Andrew said that chocolate bagel contains more calories and will help Jesse gain more weight, and looked at him big doe-eyes of his and Jesse grudgingly had to agree.

Somehow, unnoticed of Jesse, Andrew became more skillful in feeding him than Jesse’s own mother. Andrew is sneaky like that.

Once, Jesse reasonably pointed out that Andrew must be in the ‘disappears if he turns sideways’ list himself. But now, Andrew is bulking up for Spiderman and Jesse can’t keep his eyes from roaming over the changes of Andrew’s body, itchy to feel them under his hands.

Andrew licks his fingers clean and Jesse keeps watching him, mesmerized by his fingers. They are proportional and fascinating.

When Jesse finishes his bagel, his eyes start scanning surroundings for a napkin, fingers sticky with chocolate.

“Hold on,” Andrew commands and bends to catch Jesse’s wrist with his lean fingers. Next moment, Andrew’s tongue darts out to sloppily lick Jesse’s fingers and Jesse watches Andrew with a grin while his heart beats obnoxiously in his chest.

“Chocolate thief,” Jesse accuses him in a stern voice.

“Nonsense,” answers Andrew, smiling blindingly, and gently bites the tip of Jesse’s thumb.

“Ouch,” Jesse jerks his hand off in indignation and Andrew’s face has not even a shadow of shame when he asks, “Do you want me to kiss it better?”

“I’m writing a letter to your queen,” Jesse replies and throws a pillow at him.

Place where Jesse bought bagels

Andrew spends a night on the sofa – Mr. Jefferson and Luna Lovegood acting traitorous and joining his company – while Jesse keeps tossing in his bed and seeing incoherent dreams.

When he wakes up he remembers only Andrew’s whisper in his ear, “You can ask for it, you know.”

Jesse opens his eyes, disoriented, and looks up at the clock. 9AM. He sighs and rubs a hand over his face.

He wants to get at least another hour of sleep because he feels over-weary and insomnious. Jesse closes his eyes and concentrates on relaxing and steadying his breathing. Time stretches maddeningly slow.

It doesn’t work.

Jesse sighs and opens his eyes reluctantly. He puts a blanket over his head and shoulders and pads into the room where Andrew is plastered on his stomach on the sofa, wearing black t-shirt and briefs, with blanket slipped down on the floor. Jesse’s cats keep Andrew warm by sleeping on his back.

Jesse looks at three of them, blinking, eyelids heavy, and he feels like a kid being thrown out of the cool kids party. Also, he envies his cats.

Jesse doesn’t think when he stumbles to lay onto the sofa, his back to Andrew’s side, shifting stubbornly to make room for himself, and tugs his blanket to cover them both.

The next moment, Andrew’s arms grab at his waist and he asks in a worried sleepy voice, “Jesse, what? Are you okay?”

Andrew’s rough from sleep voice sends shivers down Jesse’s body and he shifts uncomfortably and tries not to think about the lower part of his body taking interest in this.

It happens with him, his sexuality is not something he can ignore or get rid of, but mostly it happens when it comes to Andrew. It’s logical as Andrew is the only person Jesse squeezed into all parts of his life. So, he just shuts his mind on this as he feels guilty for perverting over his friend.

It’s okay, he has Tuesdays and Dr. Anders for this.

“Why are you–? Jess, were you having nightmares?” Andrew doesn’t needs his answer as his hand starts rubbing his back soothingly and Jesse lets out a sigh.

“Your feet are cold,” he says in explanation.

Andrew grins, Jesse knows he does, he doesn’t have to turn his head to know it.

Then, Andrew shifts and starts moving Jesse up, and he doesn’t want to open his eyes, he lets Andrew lead him towards his bedroom. Sometimes with Andrew, he likes to stand aside, putting all the responsibility on his friend.

Besides, Andrew is going to be Spiderman. That’s what Spiderman is for, right?

Andrew puts him to his own bed and lays next to him, facing Jesse.

He covers them with the blanket and then, he kisses Jesse’s closed eyelids and says softly, “Sleep now.”

Jesse does.

Andrew is stirring eggs in the fry pan for Jesse – four eggs, Jesse stands uncorrected, with Andrew huffing and lying through his teeth that it was two, like Jesse hasn’t noticed him sneaking into the fridge and adding another two – because he’s apparently on a mission to get Jesse fat.

When Andrew hands Jesse a plate and sits in front of him with a bowl of cornflakes, Jesse raises his blue eyes at him and keeps staring.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Andrew sticks his hands up in ‘surrender’ gesture, “I’ll free you of one quarter. But that’s it!”

Jesse hides his smug smile in his plate. Works like clockwork.

Jesse’s mother calls when Jesse loads the dishwasher with Andrew standing close to him and gushing about Spiderman comic books.

“Hey mom,” says Jesse, phone squeezed between his head and his shoulder. He ducks his head in attempt to hide his guilty look from Andrew.

“How did the audition go, honey?” She sounds supportive and concerned, and Jesse cringes.

“Um, okay, I think,” Jesse says, distracted, as Andrew starts watching him intently.

Jesse makes a move to slip out of the kitchen.

“You think you can visit us next weekend?” She asks as Andrew grabs Jesse by his sleeve and doesn’t let go.

“Sure, sure. I will.” Jesse mumbles, looking up to eye Andrew guiltily, “Mom, I’m really sorry, but I gotta go.”

“Okay, darling. But give me a call soon. I want to have more of you than five minutes.”

“Sure,” Jesse will agree to anything right now, feeling the burn of Andrew’s gaze on him.

“Love you. Bye! And don’t forget to call your father.”

“I will. Love you too.” Jesse says and ends the call.

Andrew jumps in immediately.

“Jesse Adam Eisenberg!” He says in his most stern voice, “Did you just lie to your mother?”

Jesse sighs. He doesn’t even have to ask how Andrew knows.

Some people have consciences, Jesse has Andrew.

Jesse promises Andrew to call his mother and go to family dinner, letting out a heavy sigh while he looks down, his legs are slightly tense as he tries to keep himself from shuffling his feet.

But then, Andrew comes close and reaches to tangle their fingers together, and this unexpectedly makes Jesse want to dance, and Jesse doesn’t dance.

Jesse looks up as Andrew sincerely shares, eyes glistening, “I’d be delighted to join you.”

Jesse can burst out with joy and happiness he barely contains inside.

They drink tea on the sofa and Jesse chews on his lower lip before he finally steps on his ego and tries to be a good friend for Andrew.

Jesse’s knee is twitching while he tries to look fascinated by the map hanging on the wall in front of him, “I’ve been thinking, uh. I know you’ve got some friends here besides me. In New York, I mean. And, it’s um, selfish of me to keep you for myself. So, uh, do you maybe– Do you want to visit them today before you start shooting?”

He blurts out and waits painfully for Andrew’s answer.

“I think–,” Andrew puts his palm on his knee and Jesse stops twitching, his gaze snapping to look at Andrew, “I don’t mind you being selfish, Jesse Eisenberg. And I want to be selfish as well. I prefer to stay with you. Right here. Is that okay?”

Jesse nods jerkily, biting his lower lip, as his huge grin tries to break onto the surface.

“That’s, that’s–,” Jesse searches for correct word. “That’s perfect.”

If Jesse had to give award to the most boring person in the world, he’d be the one to receive it.

He doesn’t understand why people find him witty and fascinating. He hides his awkwardness behind the sarcasm and likes to troll instead on answering straightforwardly as the truth is way more boring than the questions are asked of him.

But with Andrew it all comes naturally. He doesn’t know why, but he is a better person with Andrew. He always has a wide variety of interesting topics he likes to share, ready-to-shoot good comebacks to make Andrew laugh, and he always knows what to do with his hands instead of rubbing them together or hiding them in his lap.

It gets dark sooner than Jesse expects – despite Jesse sneaking glances at the clock on the wall and forcing time to stop with his mind – and he sighs when Andrew stands up to leave.

Andrew packs, throwing things like toothbrush in his bag while Jesse sits on the sofa and watches him with a heavy heart, holding Mr. Jefferson and Luna Lovegood to his chest.

Three of them stoically try to hide their misery while watching Andrew.

Andrew turns to say something but he freezes for a moment, mouth slightly open, watching Jesse.

Then he steps in, adjusting Jesse’s glasses and bends down to lean their foreheads together, “I’m still here. In New York. You’re more than welcomed to visit me on set. I’d love to see you on set. I’ll be calling you on breaks so often you’d get sick of me. And we’re spending next Friday with your family.”

Jesse nods frantically, but the lump in his throat is still there.

Andrew pulls away to ruffle the cats’ fur and says. “Take care of our Jesse, would you? For me? Please?”

Then, he carefully puts the cats down on the floor and tugs Jesse up.

Next moment, Jesse is squeezed in Andrew’s arms, but somehow he breathes easier.

“Promise me not to be sad while I’m gone,” Andrew whispers into Jesse’s ear.

“I can’t,” Jesse reasonably mumbles into Andrew’s shoulder.

“I don’t like you being sad,” Andrew points out.

Then, don’t go! “Okay, okay, I’ll be good,” Jesse pulls away and shoves lightly into Andrew’s shoulder. “Go now. I need to free my American apartment from your British oppression.”

And he is rewarded with Andrew’s grin, “Jesse Eisenberg, my queen will hear about this!”

When the door is closed after Andrew, Jesse goes into the bedroom and throws himself face down across the bed, feeling the loss and emptiness. He closes his eyes and breathes heavily.

The amount of his sadness is unexpected and overwhelming.

Andrew is here, in New York, but somehow Jesse feels as if Andrew is farther away from him than when he was in London. As if Jesse lost him without noticing.

The cell phone in his jeans vibrates and Jesse pulls it out to read the message from Andrew, “Already missing you and being sad for both of us, so that you don’t have to.”

Jesse is weak to resist a smile from spreading on his face. He bites inside of his cheek and doesn’t give it a thought before sending his reply.

It’s only one word, “Andrew.” And it seems enough and utmost, everything he wants to say behind this name.

Andrew writes back right away, “Me too. A.

The whole week is Jesse keeping himself busy with writing and re-writing scenes for his script, and talking with his agent about possibility of putting it on stage.

Andrew calls four or five times a day and Jesse says something along the lines of, “I’m good, cats are good. No, I didn’t starve myself to death. Yes, I’m busy with my script.”

And not, “I miss you so bad I can’t write and I forget to eat properly. In light of medical precaution, you should be locked to my body forever.”

Sent to Jesse by Andrew, along with a note, "Life-changing question: I look ridiculous in this suit, don't I?! This is me suffering, Jess."

Jesse gets a call on Thursday morning when he is in grocery store, planning to stock his fridge with healthy food and prevent Andrew from giving him a disappointed look when he’ll visit him later.

He checks caller ID before answering, “Hello, Emma.”

“Jesse Eisenberg, that’s you! I can’t believe it! That’s really you!”

Jesse pulls his phone away to frown at caller ID, and then, presses it back against his ear.

“That’s me,” Jesse explains patiently. “And that’s you, Emma.”

“No, no, no. That’s you!” She insists.

Jesse is wondering why on set of Spider-Man actors are allowed to drink. What if Andrew is drunk as well? What if Emma challenged him to drink and Andrew won’t manage to visit him later!

Jesse wants to kill Emma.

She keeps bubbling, “You are that person this crazy British guy keeps calling all the time! I thought it was his girlfriend that he can’t separate himself from, or his long lost sister he’s just found and needs to tell all the details of their family’s past. Or I don’t know, his patrol officer or his therapist he needs to tell everything he does on a daily basis.”

Girls are disturbingly confusing. No wonder Jesse is into boys.

The universe was merciful enough to consider him having enough on his plate without having to crack the code of opposite sex.

“Andrew doesn’t need a therapist,” Jesse clarifies and reaches for the green grapes on the shelf. Andrew loves green ones and not the red ones.

As he explained to Jesse once, he feels as the red ones are overrated and arrogant, and green ones need all the support they can get to be confident.

Emma lets out a noise Jesse recognizes as the one Justin’s fans produce after seeing him, “Oh you two. But why didn’t you tell me? And here I thought tucking my hair behind my ear meant something for you.”

Jesse lost the track of the conversation a long time ago, and it’s not like it was valued; still, he decides to get it back on track. “Emma, if you want to start making sense, right now is perfect timing.”

“My ex and current co-stars are dating! How much sense do you want me to provide you with after getting my hands on this information? Shit! If I was currently in a relationship, we could go on a double date. I need to start a relationship!”

Jesse jerks the phone away and stares at it, and then looks around, and then, stares some more.

“We don’t date. You are so blatantly wrong.” He says dryly to the phone in his sweaty palm, and after, he turns it off, concentrating on the grapes, while corners of his mouth involuntarily turn down.

“Jesse!” Andrew shouts, jerking open the door with his spare key, and Jesse pokes his head out of the kitchen to find Andrew inside his apartment.

Andrew looks like he run for miles, sweaty t-shirt clinging to his chest, hair is a wild mess.

The minute he sees Jesse, he crushes into him, clutching desperately, breathing out brokenly ‘Jesse’ into Jesse’s neck like his life depends on it.

Andrew’s hands curl into Jesse’s blue t-shirt against his shoulder blades while Andrew’s ragged breath send goose bumps down Jesse’s spine.

Jesse tells himself not to get worried, but it’s too late, his chest tightening with panic. Obviously, something dreadful happened. He never saw Andrew like this.

What if– What if someone Andrew knows is dying? What if Andrew is dying?

“Andrew?” Jesse’s voice is trembling while his fingers dig into Andrew’s flesh, on a side of painful. “What is it?”

“What happened with your cell phone? You never turn it off. I know you never turn it off. What happened? I thought–,” Andrew mumbles hastily and trails off, sounding miserable and clutching into Jesse tighter.

Jesse is so screwed.

“Um–,” he starts, furiously thinking of less harmless way to provide the truth.

Andrew pulls away slightly to stare at Jesse, gaze turning suspicious.

“Jesse?” He prods, alert in his voice, and Jesse cracks immediately.

“I turned it off because Emma was bothering me.” Okay, maybe bringing up Emma is not the nicest way to shift Andrew’s attention from Jesse’s part in this, but it’s the most effective one.

Only, it doesn’t work on Andrew.

He lets go of Jesse and takes a step back, voice slightly hysterical, “You were particularly clear on you never turning your phone off in case something bad happens to you and you won’t be able to reach anyone. You told me the only reason your phone is off is you lying dead on the floor of some psycho’s basement.”

Oh! Oh-oh-oh. Now Jesse remembers.

Jesse rubs his forehead, wiping off beads of sweat, mouth opening and closing. This is so bad he can’t even form the words. What kind of an excuse people come up with when they perform something horrible like this?

“I’m really, terribly sorry,” Jesse squeaks, looking pleadingly at Andrew. “I didn’t think– I’m so, so sorry.”

Andrew shakes his head, taking a heavy breath through his nose, and then, looks aside, voice mildly wavering when he speaks, “Have any got any idea? Four hours begging your answering machine to hear your voice, Jess! I was screwing the takes. They sent me away because they thought I was sick. I was sick!”

Why didn’t anyone write a script for such situations? Jesse is in desperate need for some direction and lines.

“Please don’t get mad at me,” Jesse pleads, fear that this can affect what Andrew and he have is squeezing the air out of his lungs. “Just tell me what to do to make it better. I don’t know what to do.”

It gains him Andrew’s unreadable stare which Jesse bravely holds for two agonizing minutes.

Never do that again!” Andrew whispers harshly and jerks Jesse forward by the wrist, aligning his body against his own. “We spend this Friday with your family and next week you come to visit me on set every damn day. No excuses allowed.”

Jesse nods into Andrew’s shoulder, holding on to him and shaking lightly as the tension leaves his body.

“Andrew–,” Jesse starts. There’s something he needs to tell. Something inside him that is so big he hardly contains it and he needs to let it out.

“Shut up. I need five minutes.” They spends those five minutes holding each other and Jesse lets out the shuddering breaths one by one until he completely relaxes and leans his weight into Andrew.

Jesse’s cell phone left on sofa, turned off

They spend a night on Jesse’s bed, but they’re too stressed to fall sleep right away. Jesse keeps holding Andrew’s gaze when he looks at him and smiles when Andrew is the first to drop off.

Jesse kisses his check and whispers, “I’m sorry, my Andrew.”

Jesse knows he doesn’t really deserve Andrew, but it’s the only thing he’d snatch away from the universe without a hint of doubt about it.

The Amazing Spider-Man has pretty weird shooting hours due to filming in the center of New-York, so Jesse interrogates Andrew and marks down all the shooting days in his kittens calendar that hangs on the kitchen wall.

Andrew watches him in awe like Jesse writing down capital A along with a smiley face with red sharpie is equal to Da Vinci painting Mona Lisa. Still, Jesse gets flustered, because being the center of Andrew’s attention is similar to getting dizzy on champagne.

Apparently, for family dinner they have Friday night and practically the whole Saturday, not counting Saturday night as Andrew is due back on set.

Jesse’s mother somehow manages to get together every family member which mildly freaks Jesse out.

The minute they cross the doorstep, Andrew is taken away by Hallie to discuss the books she lent him the previous time.

Jesse knows that his family loves Andrew more than their own son, but it doesn’t mean they’re allowed to steal every minute of Andrew and Jesse’s time together.

Next time Jesse has a chance to see Andrew is behind the family table, with Jesse’s mom and Andrew discussing Jesse’s lack of sleep and healthy meal.

Jesse listens to them miserably and hums in disapproval, it’s the thing he has to deal with when those two get together and he got used to it. At least as much as he is able.

Andrew’s hand finds Jesse’s under the table, squeezing, and Jesse turns his head to grin happily at him until Jesse’s mom calls Andrew over to the kitchen to give him her apple cinnamon pie receipt.

Jesse is never allowed to the kitchen, so he stays in the living room, curled up on the sofa with a book.

He pretends to read while impatiently waiting for Andrew and carefully watching over other members of his family because the minute Andrew is out of the kitchen he won’t provide them with another chance to steal him away.

Unfortunately, the minute Andrew appears, everyone wants to share some vital information with him, and even though Jesse tugs Andrew by his sleeve to sit on the sofa with him, Andrew has no time to talk to Jesse as he’s busy answering questions about England, the Spider-Man, books, movies and thousand things because Andrew has a knowledge of almost all the things in the world.

Jesse knows Andrew is exciting, but it doesn’t mean his own family should be plotting against him, and punishing him for ditching them last weekend. After all, he was generous (and obviously, stupid) enough to kindly share Andrew’s and his time with them.

When it’s time to go to sleep, Jesse waits for every family member to leave the room – Jesse doesn’t remember that arranging sofa for guest to sleep ever took that long from his mother – before declaring to Andrew, “We’re leaving tomorrow morning. Luna and Mr. Jefferson will have a panic attack if we’re not there.”

Andrew looks at him, eyes crinkling, smiling so big like Jesse is giving him the best gift he could ever wish for, “Yes, I didn’t have enough of you today as well.”

Jesse nods curtly and looks away, “Yeah, that’s what I was saying.”

Later that night, Jesse lies in his bed and wonders how his bed became so big that Jesse wishes for a warm body next to him with his name being whispered softly in a British accent.

They leave right after the breakfast and Jesse clutches into Andrew’s hand when Kerri asks if they can stay a bit longer.

Jesse’s mom gives them carrot cake to eat later, and Jesse’s dad gives Jesse that knowing look that make Jesse twitch.

Once they are settled in Jesse’s car, Andrew says, “breathe out, Jess.”

Jesse breathes in and out loudly for a few minutes, Andrew’s hand rubbing soothing circles on his chest, and Jesse relaxes.

Okay, carrot cake tastes amazing. Jesse admits that.

But when Andrew says he wants to marry the cake, Jesse starts eyeing it suspiciously.

It’s not that good, okay?!

Andrew’s feet is placed in Jesse’s lap and Jesse keeps rubbing them while Andrew reads the Spider-Man lines out loud.

He rustles the papers and frowns down at the script. “Oh, right. This particular part has no lines.”

“Why is that?” Jesse asks absentmindedly.

“It’s the kissing Gwen slash Emma part, Jess.”

Jesse stops rubbing motions as his mind shuts down on this thought. For a brief moment, there’s eerie emptiness in his head, and then, too many thoughts crush into him and Jesse can’t distinguish which one is important, and he just wants to shut them all down.

Andrew keeps rumbling, giving him a wink, “You’ve been through that in Zombieland. So, how was it? Any precautions I should take? Buy her wine and teddy bear before jumping into the kissing part? Tell her how good it was after? Ask her out for a date as a good gentleman will do?”

Jesse’s stomach tightens, he doesn’t feel good. Carrot cake was not good for him after all.

“Jess, are you okay?” Andrew’s worried voice is soothing but not enough. Jesse makes a beeline for bathroom.

Andrew strokes Jesse’s curls out of his forehead and rubs his back while Jesse throws up.

He brings him water after and helps him brush his teeth. And, although Jesse could manage the last part himself, he doesn’t protest, as Andrew looks like he’ll burst into tears if Jesse disagrees.

Jesse feels much better after, when they share Jesse’s bed; he tries not to think that Andrew should be gone soon. Jesse’s favorite blue duvet covers them both, while Andrew holds him and kisses his cheeks and his nose.

When Andrew’s lips brush over Jesse’s, they’re both drowsy, and it looks like a part of their dream.

Carrot cake abandoned by Andrew after Jesse felt sick

Jesse wakes up in the middle of the night and the spot where Andrew should be is cold.

It’s not like it is a surprise, but the way Jesse’s good mood from previous night promptly evaporates – is. Jesse shifts and frowns at the rustling sound. He pulls out a crumpled piece of paper from under him.

Sleep tight. Dream of me:) Be back soon. A.

Jesse hugs his pillow and falls asleep with a smile on his face.

Next day, Jesse keeps talking to himself while driving to the Spider-Man set.

“Okay, I promised Andrew that I’d visit him, so I can’t argue with that. Also, I’m bringing him his favorite peppermint tea and bagels, to serve a purpose of feeding Andrew and make Emma envy as there’s no way I’m sharing bagels with her. It’s me proving my ability to multitask.”

“Move already!” Jesse honks to the car in front of him.

“Inadequately trained morons.” He hisses.

Jesse misses his bicycle. But he plans to watch Andrew flying over the buildings for a few hours and then drive them home.

Well, more like to watch over him, because he’d never tell Andrew that he was contemplating the idea of bringing mattress with him in case he has to catch him. This flying thing can be very dangerous, and Jesse has his pills in the jeans pocket to prevent any potential panic attack he’ll have the minute he sees Andrew risking his life.

Jesse is right in time for Andrew’s supposed lunch break.

Security guard lets him in, and Jesse walks further, trying to avoid everyone and being as invisible as possible while leaving message for Andrew on his cell phone.

He listens to Andrew’s cheerful voice on his answering machine, “Hello, this is Andrew. If you don’t know which Andrew, then, you’re calling the wrong one. Mom if this is you, I do eat properly, and yes, I will call you back. Jesse, if this is you, no, you can’t adopt another cat, we talked about this.”

Jesse stops and pulls a face, putting down a bag with food and looking at his New Balance shoes, “Hi, this is me. Change your answering machine message or there’ll be consequences. Terror and violence. No hostages taken. Just watch me.”

“Shame. I like the message.” There’s another Andrew’s voice and Jesse startles. He raises his eyes to glare at very much tangible Andrew, grinning down at him.

“My heart could stop, you know. I could die of you giving me a heart attack. And my ghost would be haunting you forever.” He finishes dramatically, spreading his hands wide to emphasize the last word.

Andrew only smiles at him with adoration and envelops Jesse in a tight hug, resting his chin on Jesse’s shoulder, “I don’t mind. I think you will be a very pretty ghost.”

Jesse sighs and lifts his arms to hug Andrew back. “Still, I won’t be a nice one.” There’s a point he needs to deliver.

“I missed you,” answers Andrew sincerely.

“Okay, yeah.” Jesse did too.

Andrew squeaks in delight when Jesse gives him a bag with food, and then, he squeaks some more when he finds what’s inside.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Andrew smiles brightly and kisses Jesse’s cheek.

Unfortunately, Emma chooses this moment to appear out of nowhere. “Look, who’s here.”

She is evil. Jesse only needs a holy water to prove it.

Jesse gives her his most intense death glare but she just smirks at him and pats Andrew on the shoulder.

“Andrew, as I see your mood is much better as your Jesse finally arrived, you can’t stop worrying over him being arrested for killing someone in the traffic.”

Jesse doesn’t like the way she emphasizes your related to him. Of course, he is Andrew’s, but coming from Emma’s mouth it sounds different, like she’s implying something. Jesse doesn’t like it. There’s nothing to imply.

Andrew gives her a grateful grin and Jesse scowls. Andrew is way too naïve. All British people are naïve. This is why they lost in The Battle of Baltimore against the Americans.

“Do you want some bagels?” Andrew offers to her and Jesse throws him a panicked look, but Andrew is too busy to smile at Emma’s ‘damn right, I do’.

How those British people managed to keep their beloved Great Britain is beyond Jesse’s comprehension. Must be sheer luck.

They occupy bed in Andrew’s trailer, with Jesse squeezed between them, and Emma keeps trying to shift Andrew’s attention from Jesse, babbling about Spider-Man crew and things Jesse is not involved in, and despite Andrew bringing Jesse into conversation ( You should meet Martin Sheen, Jess. He’s a God among men), Jesse starts wringing his hands ten minutes into conversation.

Andrew’s hand covers both his hands, squeezing, driven by instinct, as he doesn’t even pause in complaining about tightness of his Spider-Man suit.

Jesse looks down at their locked hands and when he raises his gaze, he is faced with Emma giving him a secret wink, like there’s some secret they share.

Jesse startles, frowning and trying to figure out the puzzle. He looks at Andrew and back at her, but she just smiles like there’s something obvious he doesn’t notice, and Jesse sighs, giving up on understanding her.

There’s a knock on the door, “Guys, we need you back on set.”

“Okay, time to save the world,” Andrew says, a fake solemnity on his face and in his voice, and then, he pumps his fist in the air, “Woohoo!”

Jesse rolls his eyes at him, and grins right after because when Andrew is happy Jesse forgets to care about his phobias and panic attacks, and feeling of being absent to the world.

Andrew winks to Jesse before he steps into the spotlight and slips on Peter Parker’s skin.

There’s no Andrew anymore. Jesse watches every movement of frustrating teenager trying to speak to love of his life.

Jesse is in awe, and he’s suddenly struck by this 16-year-old boy who tries to figure out who he is. Jesse feels his awkwardness and hurt of not fitting into the world. Jesse can relate to.

Jesse’s eyes follow this boy in the body Andrew disappeared into, eyes worried, until this boy– this sixteen-year-old boy uses Andrew’s body to kiss a girl, to kiss Gwen.

Jesse’s eyed widen and his smile slips off, it feels like a violent kick to his stomach, and something starts crumbling inside him.

This is not good. This is– this is horrible. What is this?

Jesse freezes on the spot watching kissing scene in what feels to him like a tremendous silence, while his mind screams at this boy to give him his Andrew back, to stop using his Andrew’s body and doing things that make Jesse want curl into himself and cry until this stop being truth.

They do twenty-two takes.

Jesse feels like he’s stuck in the loop of his worst nightmare.

On fourteenth take Jesse backs away to run into the bathroom of Andrew’s trailer where he throws up, and then, dizzily cleans everything after.

Still, he comes back to watch as the scene repeats over and over in front of his eyes.

On the background there’s a buzz of screams, ‘take seventeen, ‘cut it’, ‘rolling, rolling’, ‘take eighteen.’ This feels like a soundtrack to Jesse’s nightmare.

Jesse counts every take, some part of him finding comfort in giving each take a statistical number, while another part prays for it not to turn into Fincher’s ninety-nine takes scenario.

On take twenty Jesse wants to hit both Gwen and Peter for hurting him so badly.

Jesse comes to his senses when Andrew touches him arm and says, “Hey, Jess. It’s over.”

Andrew’s eyes are worried and Jesse attempts to smile in order to calm him down.

“What is it, Jess?” Looks like Jesse is not doing a good job of it but Andrew’s British accent is comforting. There’s no sign of Peter Parker except for clothes which Jesse deliberately ignores. This is his Andrew. Brought back to him.

Jesse smiles despite his world shaking apart.

Andrew’s hand touches Jesse’s cheek and Andrew looks alarmed, “You scared me. It was like you were out for a moment. You sure you’re feeling good, Jess?”

“I’m fine,” Jesse smiles. Remember to smile.

He is not fine at all. He is in love with his Andrew.

Part II
Notes: 'Ya ne ponimayu vas' means 'I don't understand you'

I hope that you see right through my walls
I hope that you catch me, 'cause I'm already falling
I'll never let a love get so close
You put your arms around me and I'm home


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Sep. 2nd, 2011 10:49 pm (UTC)
I have so much love for this i can't even :D Your characterizations are perfect, their voices spot on! I had a massive smile on my face reading this, they are just too adorable! Can't wait for the next part!!
Sep. 3rd, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm so happy I made you smile.
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You're so very welcome :D
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Just great. Seems very in character for everyone, and I love the New Yorkishness. Can't imagine Jesse driving in the city though! Ack!

Can't wait for more.
Sep. 3rd, 2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
I love that you find them in character!
Jesse temporarily abandoning his bike for Andrew is one of the sacrifices he did for this love))

Thanks for reading and commenting.
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Все счастье есть!Боже мой, какая прелесть! От первого до последнего слова!
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я ТАК счастлива, что тебе понравилось.
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Забудь про мое нытье насчет несовпадения в один день. Такая подробная проработка, вплоть до фотографий, это просто замечательно.
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and i finished it btw.
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i want to live in your brain. i know weird but it seems like it would be a beautiful place full of Jesse and Andrew Fluff

God i love you
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Re: Amazing
Ohh, what a wonderful comment.
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aw they are adorable! Jesse's cats names, the way Andrew argues about the queen hearing about this, Jesse's issues with Emma... loooooove it all!
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they are! *grins*
they made me so happy.
and now, I'm looking at the story because I just finished it, and I don't wanna say goodbye.
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Adorable and undeniably sweet. :))
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Ohh, thank you!
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Oct. 17th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
Okay, carrot cake tastes amazing. Jesse admits that.
But when Andrew says he wants to marry the cake, Jesse starts eyeing it suspiciously.
It’s not that good, okay?!

OMFG - this made my day!
i love your story, the flow is set perfectly and those deep in characters are great... wonderful, thanks for sharing
Oct. 17th, 2011 01:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!!
I'm so happy you found them in character.
I love these guys so much and I enjoyed writing them a lot, trying to give my best!
Hope you like the ending as well))
Dec. 17th, 2011 12:13 pm (UTC)
Hey you‘re brilliant!Can I translate your fic?
Hello this is Rainy from China~I hope you don't mind my translating your fic!I really love your story and I want to show it to my friends who also love【Jewnicorn】.This is my first time using live-journal and I even don't know how to post a message to you.And I really don't know if it's polite to request you here so...If it's not,forgive me pleaseee^_^
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Re: Hey you‘re brilliant!Can I translate your fic?
Hi Rainy. My name is Sabi. That's so sweet that you love my story and you wanna share it with other jewnicorn fans. Of course, I give you my permission as I like every jewnicorn fan))

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It's just so lucky for me to make friends with you!You're so cute~
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Re: Hey you‘re brilliant!Can I translate your fic?
You're welcome!
No need to hurry, you can give me the link when you're satisfied with your translation.
Sure, you can disturb me if you want more details regarding the story. I promise I won't get annoyed))
You're nice as well)) *hugs*
Feb. 21st, 2012 09:52 pm (UTC)
This is phenomenal. Read this in one sitting last night and adored it. Sobsobsob.

This is now one of my favorite fics. Thank you thank you! ♥
Feb. 23rd, 2012 04:44 pm (UTC)
ohh. Thank you!
Thank you so much! <3
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