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The Social Network

Would you just listen to my breathing?
(Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin, R, ~6500 words)

Post-deposition. Mark's life is pretty okay until Eduardo Saverin stars in an advertisement for gay rights and Mark starts losing control over his own mind

Eternal sunshine of our minds
(Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin, R, ~6500 words)

Marks wants to empty his life of Wardo. TSN version of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

TSN/Skyfall crossover AU

Every Superhero Needs A Theme Song
(Mark/Eduardo, Bond/Q, NC-17, ~9800 words)
TKillers AU. Mark, Q and Bond are hired killers who work together on successfully getting rid of people until they come across a new mark - Eduardo Saverin.

The Social Network, RPS

Meet me in New York
(Andrew/Jesse, NC17, ~17000 words)
This is a story about Andrew coming to New York to shoot the new Spider-Man movie and Jesse being happy to see his best friend. This is also a story about Jesse realizing he's in love with said best friend


Hold Me While I'm Killing You
(Sam/Dean, NC17, ~42500 words)
When you were in Hell, all I could think about was you.” – “When I  was in Hell, all I could think about was coming back to you.”

Find a new name for the falling star
(Sam/Dean, R, 1242 words)
Dean tries to live an "apple-pie" life, but the memories of Sam keep hunting him. One day, he makes a wish on a falling star.

Close eyes eyes and imagine having me
(Sam/Dean, R, 734 words)
Sam's Stanford secret has been swept under the rug, until one day, he faces it.

You were there by my side on the frontline
(Sam/Dean, R, 1266 words)
What if Sam wasn't the one to say "yes" (spoilers to 5x22 "Swan Song").

Take Me With You
(Sam/Dean, PG, 315 words)
It all had to end with Dean hearing the barking of the hellhounds. But it was Dean’s plan, not Sam’s.

Take My Sanity Away
(Sam/Dean, R, ~1500 words)
Whenever you are, I will follow you. I’ll accept the darkness and I will follow you. Because you are my light that I follow.

Do you love those shattered pieces left of me?
(Sam/Dean, R, ~8000 words)
He could literally feel himself falling, his breaking heart beating louder and louder until all he wanted was for it to stop. Stop beating. Stop completely. He wanted it all to be over (pre-series and through s1).

Until I Wake Up
(Sam/Dean, R, 610 words)
He looks at the sea, almost gray, quiet, and pacified.

By Your Side
(Sam/Dean, R, 326 words)
Sam is 17, Dean is 21. Dean and John are back from the hunt.

Fix me
(Sam/Dean, mention of Sam/Jessica, R for the language, 625 words)
Sam is in college, living his 'apple pie' life with Jess. Dean calls him in the middle of the night.
A/N: you can take it like a stand-alone story or read my previous fic ‘By your side.’

Break Me Down
(Sam/Dean, RG, 133 words)
Sam’s POV. Pre-series. Stanford time
A/N: You should read previous stories ‘By your side’ and ‘Fix Me’ to understand this story better


Can It Just Be About You and Me (And Not About What We’re Supposed To Be)
(Jared/Jensen, PG13, 1787 words)
Supernatural gets canceled after Season Three, and so it's time to go back to Los Angeles. To Jensen, living together with Jared in Vancouver isn't the same as living together in LA. Jensen can't bring himself to handle it.

Passenger seat
(Jared/Jensen, PG, 704 words)
Putting your heart out where it can be hurt is scary.

It's a wrong map without you in it
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, 3576 words)
It's okay to be a closeted couple as long as you play by Hollywood's rules. But when Jensen wants to come out and Jared is not ready, love just doesn't seem to be enough.

Draw a picture of you and me and define which one doesn't fit
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, 1979 words)
On the set of Supernatural, two lead actors are more than just friends. But Jensen believes that Jared and him fucking like bunnies is not a big deal and to not give it much thought. It’s a show business after all.

Ten miles to go before I bleed you out
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, 2367 words)
On the set of Supernatural, two lead actors are more than just friends. But Jared thinks that being in love with his best friend Jensen is not as bad as it may seem. The worst part is that he's just one in the line of the guys Jensen likes to fuck. This story is a companion piece to "Draw a picture of you and me and define which one doesn't fit".

The stars are not wanted now
(Jared/Jensen, R, 13704 words)
This is the story about Jared who hides the inner personalities he speaks to; desperately wanting to fit into a real world. This is the story about Jensen who doesn’t like the real world he lives in; desperately trying to hide who he really is. This is the story about the book ‘Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, that speaks about the magic in our lives.
This is the story about the love we all hope to find, about the world we want to fit into, and about the magic we seek in our lives.

Chad means 'a disaster'
(Jared/Jensen, R, 1278 words)
There was one more reason for the guys to attend the Red Bull Soapbox Race.

I guess I'll never know why your absence is devastating
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, 1045 words)
Smut. Jensen is back to the hotel room after shooting the scenes of 'My Bloody Valentine', sex happens.


Change your name and come seek me
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, ~37500 words)
Sometimes, you have to die in order be with the one you love. Jared Padalecki is just your average guy next door, except for his ability to bring people back to life after successfully preventing their death. When he meets Jensen, all he wants is to live a ordinary life. Only, Jensen has a secret of his own, and soon, Jared's life becomes even more complicated.

I'll decrypt you wide awake
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, 6562 words) A
J2 AU story in which Jared is a computer genius and Jensen is his unsolved mystery, the Voynich manuscript.

The Lake House
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, ~27000 words)
Based on the movie “The Lake House”. Jared is a doctor working in Chicago, moving out of the Lake House, built with glass. Jensen is an architect and a new owner of the Lake House. They start talking through the letters they put in the lake house's mailbox. Soon, they discover that the distance between them is measured in time rather than miles.

I never believed you, I only wanted to
(Jared/Jensen, R for drug use, ~800 words)
It's hard to love someone when he shares his love between you and the drugs.

If you wait for me
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, ~33500 words)
Jensen returns to his hometown, the place he wished he’d never come back to, after being gone for three years. This place holds his past, his painful memories and the person he shared his dreams with.

You walked into my life, and now it’s yours to have
(Jared/Jensen, NC17, ~800 words)
This story is promised epilogue for ' If You Wait For Me', but it can be taken as one-shot story as well.

Queer as Folk

Let me become your dream again
(Brian/Justin, NC17, ~2700 words)
Justin is one step away from fulfilling his dreams as his paintings are exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But, sometimes your dreams are not the ones you were thinking of.

Now That's What I Call A Fairy Tale
(Brian/Justin, PG, 481 words)
Do you believe in fairy tales?


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